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VW TDI Owners – Get your Care package!

Posted By Frugal Rick / April 26, 2016 / Being Frugal, Blog / 0 Comments

This isn’t a military discount blog like normal however, it is a way to save money. Just a reminder that if you own a VW TDI you have till the end of the month to be eligible for the 500$ debit card and 500$ card to be used a dealer.  I remind you of this for in the last 3 days I have informed 3 people who had no idea that this was going on (you know who you are…!!) That’s a 1000$.  That’s a lot of military discounts offers all at once.

Any questions use VW official site, also the site where you can register for the care package.

Deadline is the end of the April 2016.


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