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Sally Beauty to make you look Beautiful!

Posted By Frugal Rick / March 10, 2016 / Blog / 0 Comments

Lets face it.  We all want to look good.  We all want to look good at a fraction of the price.  Recently, I had the pleasure of dyeing my wife’s hair.  We have to face these hard times that we are getting old and sometimes these little gray hairs pop out.  Not sure where they come from but some of those hairs have names.  Names like the kids, the car, traffic, work.  We decided to go to Sally Beauty Supply for take care of these little names gray hairs. The lady who worked there was very friendly and helped us make our decision.  They have lots of things from hair dryers to hair dye.  I didn’t know they made so many blow dryers.  They don’t have a military discount per say, however if you ask for military discount they will give you the “Members” discount which will save you money on each thing you buy.   You do have the opportunity to become a Sally member but by showing your military ID then you don’t have to do any paperwork and sign up for another program. Instead show your ID, and get your military discount.  That way you are saving money and time.


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