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Lowes, Home Depot – Military Discount – Take Advantage!

Posted By Frugal Rick / November 3, 2015 / Blog / 0 Comments

I’m sure most of us know that Lowes and Home depot offers a Military Discount. However, I don’t think most of us take advantage of this offer to the full potential. I’ve noticed that Lowes is a little better when it comes to the allowing you to put your military discount on top of sale items better then Home Depot.  I think it’s cause the register is more patriotic at Lowes then Home Depot. Not long ago, I bought a returned dishwasher from Lowes. It was a nice stainless Bosch with all the bells and whistles. It was perfect timing for we were updating our kitchen. Lowes was offering it for 50% off, about $400 off. However when I went to the register, I smiled and asked for my Military Discount and the cashier applied it with a smile in return. That was another 40$ off.

Weeks later, I did the same thing for an over the range microwave that was a display for sale, and again got my Military discount. Then, we had ordered a new range from Lowes that already was on sale 800$ off. For some reason the order got screwed up and we waited almost 3 months for it. I complained for we should have had it in 2 weeks, not months. Luckily the existing stove worked, just didn’t match my new dishwasher and over the range microwave. The manager agreed and gave me another 10% off, and don’t forget on top of it I got my Military discount. I’m still shocked that we got near 1000$ off the range for waiting for the right sale, error with delivery, and military discount made upgrading my kitchen very nice.

Another tip; if you find that maybe best buy is selling an appliance that you want cheaper then Lowes. Perfect! Go to Lowes, have Lowes match the price, and then…you guessed it; ask for your Military discount. You’ll save more with a little patience, little smile, and those lovely words “Military Discount please”.


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