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Discount Tire- Military Discount

Posted By Frugal Rick / July 26, 2016 / Blog / 0 Comments

Just recently my wife had a hole in her tire.  Like most service members this normally occurs when then service member is out of town for some service obligations leaving the spouse with the issues.  That is what happened to us.  After wondering where to go, she made the decision to go to Discount Tire off N Mesa.  She was greeted at her car with a smile and they offered to help.  She explained that she had a hole in her tire and they told her no issues and to wait in the waiting room.  Discount Tire will plug your tire free of charge regardless where you bought your tires.  That is an amazing service they offer as well as their low prices tires.  As for us, we didn’t need new tires but they told us that 2 of our tires were getting low on tread life and soon would need to replace them.   That gives us time to save up.  Since now we need to save up, helps knowing that they told her they offer 10% off for their Military discount.  After the tire was plugged taking about 45 minutes, wife was back on the road to tend to her shopping excursions.

Discount Tire in El Paso offers 10% Military discount.


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