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Broken iPad, iPod, iPhone, phone screens – Help is near by!

Posted By Frugal Rick / October 26, 2015 / Blog / 0 Comments

So I decided after weeks of hearing my wife complain about her battery not lasting long on her iPhone, decided to fix that issue. In order to save money since I am frugal, I bought a new battery for her iPhone and decided to get one for my iPhone as well. After following some YouTube videos, I had my wife’s phone up and running with no problems. Then my iPhone was next. While taking out the battery using a screwdriver, I didn’t realize that I broke a small cable ribbon. Once I put it all back to together, my volume up/down and mute switch didn’t work. At least it was my phone I broke and not my wife’s for I’m sure I wouldn’t hear the end of that. Dang, what to do now? I was heading out of town in a few days and since I broke the cable, all I had is the ringer, no vibrate mode. I searched a few places in El Paso and came across Powered by Tech. Not only did they have the part in stock, they could work on it that day. I dropped by phone off with a very nice staff members and hours later I had my phone back all fixed. I told them, that I broke it and they laughed at me but gave me credit for trying. However, when I picked up my phone they showed me the part that I broke, and as suspected I was right – the cable ribbon I tore was the culprit. They fix screens for all phones, and have parts for phones like the famous broken home button for the iPhone. They offer 10% off labor for military discount. Staff was great, service was great, and with a discount – perfect.

Lessons learned, nope I’m going to try it again in the future. This time I know don’t use a screwdriver.

915-626-5056 west side off N Mesa

Don’t forget to ask for you Military Discount, for they support the military.


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